Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Switching to Wordpress

I have decided to switch from Blogger.com to WordPress (which gives me more design possibilities) & host NOMADICS blog on my own server. This will therefore be the last post I am posting here.

Please change your bookmarks to the new address, http://pierrejoris.com/blog or just click here and bookmark the new address. Hopefully those blog owners who have NOMADICS in their blogroll will take the minute necessary to change the url. Many thanks.

I will leave this site up for the time being with the present post showing to give my readers time to switch.

The switch is basically complete, except for the largish blogroll, as that one has to be moved one by one.
Though that, in turn, will allow me to check the links & make sure all those blogs are still active.

See you all over at the new & (hopefully) improved NOMADICS
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